Strategic Planning & Program Reviews

Lazer Strategies works with you to develop a strategic plan that will be the roadmap to your department’s long-term success. The plan can be tailored to meet specific areas of need, such as mission and goals, external relations, facilities and resource allocations, sports sponsorship, fundraising, business development, and other management functions.

Management & Organizational Development

Lazer Strategies conducts an analysis of your management and organizational structure, and provides you with methods to enhance the productivity of the department. The review examines your current structure with the complete understanding of your goals and resources, and provides recommendations that will enable you to improve organizational operations. This analysis includes the identification and assessment of the risks and vulnerabilities facing your department. Recommendations will identify ways to maximize the use of your financial, human and facility resources.

Sports Ethics Training & Education

Adam Brick is available to speak to your athletics department, team(s), coaches, and staff about sportsmanship and ethical conduct related to participation in athletics. The presentation is designed to encourage critical thinking and positively affect the individual’s decision-making process. More Sports Ethics Info

Title IX & Gender Equity

Lazer Strategies conducts a comprehensive Title IX audit of your intercollegiate athletics program. The audit identifies areas of concern and provides recommendations that enable you to comply with your obligations under Title IX. The audit examines participation opportunities, sport offerings, athletics financial assistance and other areas that are critical to your needs.

Revenue Strategies

Lazer Strategies conducts a review of your self-generating revenue activities. This includes a review of fundraising, corporate sponsorships, multi-media rights, ticket sales and other ancillary revenues. Recommendations will include an operational plan designed to strengthen your self-generating revenue streams. 

NCAA Compliance

Lazer Strategies conducts compliance reviews designed for your specific needs including institutional control and governance, ethical conduct, agents and amateurism, gambling, recruiting, financial aid, and other critical and sensitive areas.

Coaching & Administrator Searches

Lazer Strategies assists with employment searches for head coaches and senior level administrators, and can act in an advisory capacity or can take an active role in the search process.