Program Reviews

Lazer Strategies assesses your current interscholastic athletics program and develops strategies designed to improve your overall efficiency and success. The review examines your current structure with the complete understanding of your goals, resources and state association requirements, and provides recommendations that enable you to enhance the student experience. Common focus areas include code of conduct, student-athlete handbook, guidelines and professional development for coaches and staff, mission and goals, facilities and resource allocation, fundraising, and booster activities.

Sports Ethics Training & Education

Adam Brick is available to speak to your school, team(s), coaches, students, and parents about sportsmanship and ethical conduct related to participation in athletics. Adam’s presentation is designed to encourage critical thinking and positively affect the participant’s decision-making process. More Sports Ethics Info

Title IX & Gender Equity

Lazer Strategies conducts a comprehensive Title IX audit of your interscholastic athletics program. The audit identifies areas of concern and provides recommendations that enable you to comply with your obligations under Title IX. The audit examines participation opportunities, sport offerings, the availability and quality of coaches and facilities, and other areas that are critical to your needs.

NCAA Seminars

Lazer Strategies provides seminars on NCAA rules pertaining to recruiting, academic eligibility, financial aid and scholarships, and amateurism issues. These seminars are of significant value to your student-athletes, parents and coaches.

Game Management

Lazer Strategies develops an operations plan for you to efficiently and effectively manage your home athletic events, with a focus on game administration, sportsmanship issues, fan behavior, facilities concerns, and game revenues and expenses.

Elite Athlete Counseling

Lazer Strategies assists the elite, high-school athlete with planning for college and beyond, helping him/her avoid common pitfalls and mistakes. The counseling is designed to protect the student’s academic eligibility and amateur status.