Strategic Planning

With the demand for officials increasing and the supply declining, excellence within the officiating ranks will only occur where there is association leadership. Lazer Strategies works with you to develop a strategic plan that will be the roadmap for your association’s long-term success, and guides you through the articulation of a mission statement, improved communications and an organizational structure aimed at continued sustainability. Common focus areas include:

  • Membership Issues
  • Recruiting & Retention of Officials
  • Training & Development Programs
  • Establishment and Management of Camps
  • Rating Systems
  • Dealing with Scholastic & Recreation Clients
  • Financial Issues
  • Association Governance
  • Discipline of Members

Constitution & Bylaws

Lazer Strategies reviews and revises your current constitution and bylaws, or can create these documents for those associations that do not have them. These fundamental documents, the foundation of your association’s success, focus on critical areas such as officers and governing body, committee structure, discipline of members, assignment of games, membership categories, dues & assessments, and the financial structure of the association.